Credentialing of Aetna Dental Providers

Aetna dental providers is known to be one of the best dental care providers in the dental insurance industry. In fact, Aetna boasts a large membership all throughout the country and a big network of health care providers. Aetna is also able to provide affordable dental care for its members.

Aside from affordability, offering quality service is also important to Aetna. To ensure that they are providing quality service to their members, they ensure that they have qualified practitioners in their network. To be a part of the provider network, Aetna health professionals should meet different criteria and standards.

Trough the Aetna credentialing system, dental care providers are evaluated and their trainings and education verified. The candidate provider’s qualifications are evaluated, their performance in both the healthcare and academic field are examined. This credentialing process is important to ensure that quality is met by Aetna dental providers.

Aetna also participated on the Council of Affordable Quality Healthcare or CAQH. This organization developed the Universal Credentialing DataSource. This CAQH effort allows practitioners who want to be included in provider network, sign-up in just one data base or submit only one application. This would remove or eliminate the possibility of practitioners participating in numerous or multiple organization. This also made application for the provider network, easier.


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