Corporate Case Management Software – Ideal to Solve Legal Matters

Looking for a single and secure window to meet your company’s legal operations? Lex Mantra is a smart corporate legal solution exclusively designed to restructure the legal workflow of a corporate with wide-ranging reporting within ease. Case management software solution is ideal for facilitating management, employees and corporate counsels and helps in solving legal status of cases and next plan of actions. It also helps in mechanizing and restructuring the processes of calendaring the events and deadlines concerned to legal matters.

Case management software offers complete legal case management and assists you to come out of reporting needs. This very powerful and smartly designed software is truly a boon for the contemporary law firm and other corporate organizations. This full-featured tool provides combined detailing of everything starting from preventive management, contact management, matter management to closure & results through easy inputs & reporting.

If you are sure about the growth of your business, it’s the time to choose right case management software. Users will find arrays of benefits of using such software and those include:
• Hassle-free management of deadlines
• Easy organization of client files
• Smart automation of time and billing entries
• Better communication coordination
• Easy document retrieval
• Flexibility to work from anywhere

Case management software is suitable for all those corporate houses that are in need to manage their litigation. It improves your business legal workflows;achieve greater control and increase speed & efficiency.

Legal departments needs a legal matter management software that aid system to record and act as single source of truth for long. Being a renowned name in providing legal management solution, Lex Mantra has been providing such solutions to legal department and industry segments including manufacturing industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, food & FMCG industry, hospitals and engineering products. The solutions demonstrate legal’s value to the corporation by driving down costs and protecting from certain risks. The software is easy to use and beneficial in maintaining a copy of old versions so that you could review the files later on. You even can manage your documents easily by creating many folders. Also it facilitates you with easy movement and access to your folders.

When it comes to matter management software, Lex Mantra offers comprehensive litigation management software to help you right from preventive management, contact matter management to conclusion and results via simple inputs & reporting. Matter management is one of a complete module that helps users to identify matters of early stage. Reporting is done generating the status of Pending Notices, Close Notices, Yet to respond and more.

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