Compare Dental Plans

Learning how to compare dental plans is crucial in helping you deal with the lofty costs of dental care. A plan will not only provide you with preventive care such as regular cleanings and checkups to detect problems before they become serious, but also make the cost of common dental procedures more affordable. Here are some of the things to focus on when you’re comparing various plans:

  1. Premiums vs. Benefits. Of course, you want to find the most affordable dental plan to fit your budget. But you also have to consider what benefits you are getting for your money. How much is the yearly maximum coverage you’ll be getting, and will unused benefits roll over to the following year if you renew your policy? Most plans will not roll over benefits.
  2. When you compare dental plans it is also important to consider if you can continue to see your current dentist under the policy or if you will have to use a dentist who is a member of the plan’s network. If you are required to see an in-network dentist, ask for a list of participating dentists in your area to see if there is one you feel comfortable using.
  3. How long is the waiting period before you are able to avail of benefits? Many plans make you wait a certain period after buying the plan before you are covered for certain procedures.
  4. How does the plan provider classify particular procedures and how much will they charge for them? Generally, providers divide procedures into preventive, restorative and major and set fees based on their own schedules that may be lower than what a dentist normally charges for them, requiring you to make up the difference out-of-pocket. When you compare dental plans, ask to see their usual, customary and reasonable fee schedule so you can compare it against your dentist’s fees.


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