Commercial VS Residencial Garage Door Services Philadelphia

It is essential to do some research before purchasing a garage door for your home or office place. A lot of people believe that these gateways are interchangeable. However, the two doors are different in many ways. Moreover, professionals also specialize in two different service categories like commercial garage door services and residential garage door services Philadelphia. If you want to have these doors installed, it is important for you to understand the difference between both service categories. This is good for self-awareness and better decision-making.

Here we shall discuss the difference between commercial and residential garage door services for your convenience.

The Door Appearance When Hiring Garage Door Services Philadelphia

There are major noticeable differences between commercial and residential garage doors. As for residential driveway gate Philadelphia, they have a more aesthetic appeal. The case is the difference for commercial garage doors. Clients often want more functionality in them as compared to residential gateways. For house attractiveness and beauty, residential garage doors have good color combinations and even a window installed.

The Materials Used

The other major differentiating factor in the garage doors is the material used to construct them. Professionals offering residential garage door services Philadelphia, use materials like wood and steel to construct the gateways. However, the material used mostly depends upon the homeowner’s preferences and budget requirements. Additionally, commercial garage doors are mostly constructed with more durable materials like aluminum and galvanized steel. These materials are stronger and more durable as compared to wooden materials. Moreover, commercial garage doors offer a high level of security.

The Gateway Size

The size is also a major differentiating factor between commercial and residential garage doors and gateways. Residential driveway gate Philadelphia and garage doors are about seven to eight feet high. Most homeowners find this size to be appropriate. However, those with RVs and other heavy vehicles prefer doors that are 12 feet high or more. Conversely, commercial garage door size typically surpasses the size of residential garage doors. These doors are 32 feet wide and 24 feet tall. Industrial garage doors may be even larger and more durable. They have a special design. This is because they accommodate the machinery that goes in and out during the entire day.

Door Opening Capacity

The door opening capacity also plays a differentiating role between commercial and residential garage doors. Residential garage doors are opened a few times during the day. Commercial garage doors are more frequently used because of busy work routines for people. No matter what the case, quality matters in both service categories. Their requirements may be different, but the efficiency of both garage doors cannot be compromised.

The Door Value Factor

Commercial and residential garage doors also have a difference in value. Commercial garage doors cost more than their residential counterparts. Because of price reasons, very few people use commercial garage doors for their residences.For garage door repair and installation services, trust Delta Security Gates. We specialize in sliding gates, exterior and interior metal stairs, and gate repair services. Moreover, our team of dedicated and hardworking professionals will make sure that you get the best work deliverability. For more information, you can visit our web page.

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