Choosing Dressmaking Fabric Online

Choosing dressmaking fabric online is easy if you follow a few basic rules. You have to know what you want, what weight of fabric you need and when you can get it. Dress fabrics are usually woven and come in a vast number of textures and weaves. Most are made from 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester mix. Fabrics are described by their weight, drape, opacity and texture. An experienced dressmaker will be able to tell you how a fabric will handle.

Dress fabrics are available in a wide range of weights from very lightweight chiffon to heavy tweeds and flannels. The heavier the weight of the fabric, the more durable it will be. Fabrics such as taffeta and charmeuse are best suited for evening wear due to their shiny appearance and slippery feel when worn next to the skin. Polyester fabrics make good-quality sturdy dressmaking fabrics, but they do not drape well. They keep their shape well through constant wearing and washings, however, and they dry faster than cotton fabrics.

Taffeta, Satin and Organza are all similar fabrics that are used for formal wear. They are made from silk or polyester and are very shiny. Taffeta is often used for bridal wear because it has a soft sheen, but satin is also popular for home décor because it has a stiffer appearance. Organza is another type of fabric that can be found in various colours as well as patterns like lace. It can also be transparent so it creates a full effect without being too heavy or rigid.

Dressmaking Fabric Guide: Silk, Cotton, Wool Fabric for Dresses

Tweed is another ideal choice for more formal events such as galas and fundraisers because it has a corduroy texture making it easy to wash and maintain while still being elegant. It comes in many different colours and can be used for both winter and summer wear.

When it comes to choosing dress fabric online, colour is a very important factor. If you are going to make a garment that requires more than one piece of material, make sure the colours match up well enough so that it looks like it was all made from the same set of material.

Different types of fabric have different qualities that might be important to you depending on what you plan to use the material for. For instance, silk is very soft and comfortable to wear but not very good for making clothes that require a lot of movement such as jeans or slacks.