Carpal Tunnel Stretch

What is a Carpal Tunnel?

This article will describe how to perform a carpal tunnel stretch to help relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel. I call it the fist stretch. First let’s talk about what carpal tunnel syndrome actually is. There is an actual tunnel that goes through the wrist. This is a passageway that allows the nerves and tendons to pass through the wrist. There are eight carpal bones (wrist bones) that are shaped in a “C” or horseshoe. This makes up three of the four sides of the carpal tunnel. The fourth side is comprised of a wide and thick ligament that extends from each end of the horseshoe to form the roof of the tunnel. The width of the tunnel is about the size of an index finger. The contents of the tunnel includes the median nerve along with nine tendons.

What Causes My Symptoms?

Due to stresses including repetitive motions the eight carpal bones can lose their healthy alignment. When this occurs it causes pressure or pinching of the median nerve entrapping it between the bone and the thick ligament forming the roof. This will produce symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, and burning symptoms into the fingers of the hand. It may also cause decreased strength and a loss of grip strength in the hand. Performing this carpal tunnel Stretch will help relieve these symptoms.

How to Get Relief

This carpal tunnel stretch (the fist stretch) is a good procedure to relieve the carpal tunnel syndrome pain. The wrist should be placed in a neutral and relaxed position. Keeping it straight slowly close your hand into a full fist, bending all the knuckles, and you keep it relaxed. You’re not squeezing the fist trying to perform a superman grip. You are opening and closing the fist in a relaxed manner. Now the most important aspect is that when you open the fist make sure you extend and stretch your fingers as far as you can. Visualize your fingers are cables that are being pulled tight stretching them out as far as you can. You want to hold the stretch for about 3-5 seconds. Perform the exercise for 10 repetitions and can be done several times through the day or when the wrist feels tight. This will stretch the webs of the fingers, tendons and ligaments in your hand. You should feel this stretch. This exercise will improve the circulation and increase the flexibility in your wrist relaxing the muscles.

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