Can Tea Replace Water?

Some say yes, others do not…

Have you ever wondered more than once if with that amount of tea you drink per day you really need to keep drinking water? That is a question that many people ask themselves and about which there is no certain answer. But, anyway, the liquid should not be missing in your life.

Surely more than once you have asked yourself, if you are a regular drinker of tea, if the tea you consume daily can become a good replacement for water. In fact, you can even imagine the classic formula: “if I drink a liter of tea a day, with a liter more water will suffice”. But can this really be that way?

Postures found:

It is clear that many people do not like to have to drink the rigorous two liters of water that are recommended daily. To several, in fact, it bothers him a lot and they try to replace the essential drink with others that have a more pleasant flavor to their palates. That is when positions appear that are not entirely in agreement with each other and that, more precisely, take the opposite.

Some say that tea, being a caffeinated beverage, can cause dehydration. And, in addition, they maintain that no drink should replace water, since they have their own substances, which have nothing to do with the function that the member has over 70 percent of our bodies.

Other versions, on the other hand, maintain that drinking tea can even be better and healthier than drinking only water. Why? Because next to it will come tannins, antioxidants, catechins, minerals and other substances that can help you feel much more equipped, with the nutrients that any variety of tea can offer you.