Bright Birmingham Business: A How to Guide for Promoting Your Local Business

Local businesses just need a tiny boost when taking their businesses online. Find out how!

1. Team up with the University of Birmingham

One of the best opportunities for local businesses in Birmingham is to sign up with the University of Birmingham. The university’s program for local businesses is created with the view to provide tools, patenting and licensing information, research and student resources to local businesses. Considering the wide-range of skill sets available here, this can be the first step to improving online business for small or relatively new enterprises. You can employ one of the Computer Science students to help set-up your own social network page or website.

2. Collaborate with other Local business

To promote businesses online, cross-referencing is a great new ecosystem for upcoming local businesses. Suppose you own a florist store, and you find a baker online who delivers cakes. If you create a website together, you reduce the costs required and stand the chance of gaining a wider customer base. Those looking for cakes, not flowers, may end up buying the latter as part of attractive packages: or vice versa. Look into various e-commerce modes for a successful collaboration and use brand-linking for greater online mobility.

3. Get Listed on a Trusted directory

Getting listed online is often a crucial step towards a more dominant market presence. Of the many directories available, the Birmingham Business Directory (UK) got remarkable results for the listed companies. By affording need-based look up services, such directories as this can create a harmonious balance of efficiency and effectiveness. Directories with review features are especially good because they promote the development of trust within local communities, particularly because so many locals depend on word-of-mouth reviews for their every need.

4. Reach out to the Community

Reaching out to the local community is one of the elementary steps towards promoting our online presence. Going on the local media channels or talk show invariably generates online interest, particularly if you have social network connections such as Twitter and FB linked in with your profile. Distribute cards with your online addresses, or just start a blog and share it with your immediate circle of friends, neighbors and customers. SEO content on blog can help you even further, as can press releases, but they are secondary to the local peering network.

5. Join online forums for better brand-management

Online forums are a great and completely free way of promoting business. Facebook pages such as the Birmingham Local Business page, or other such online forums, can help you to create a local presence. Try to comment online and become one of the trusted voices in your field, even if it is through free advice as well. Gradually, creating your own social media page can pay dividends by generating more traffic to your business.