Benefits Of No Exam Life Insurance Cover

If you are too reluctant to take life cover for yourself and family, you may want to consider a no exam life insurance cover. This policy has come to the rescue of many persons who previously had problems with acquiring the old traditional policy that came along with great procedures and requirements for approval.

The policy is also widely available and many companies have made it their priority to provide the public with the best services on the market. Below are reasons why you may want to take this cover:

No medical exams

This is the most appealing advantage when it comes to the policy. As the name suggests plainly medical exams have been scraped away so as not to bar anyone with any severe medical condition from applying. Companies offering the old traditional policy, are less likely to grant cover to individuals who are suffering death threatening conditions such as cancer.

Quick response and approval

This goes without saying, with scrapping away of those lengthy, complex and cumbersome medical exams that take forever to complete, comes a very m instant approval. Whereas, approval for the traditional policy take several weeks or even months for approval, this policy may shockingly take you as little as 5 minutes.

Online comparison

In case you decide to take your cover online, it will not only take you lesser time, but you can also select from the various comparisons made by insurance brokers. Hence, you can easily arrive at a good price without having to search for a very long time.

Lifestyle choices

This is also a factor that has made many run from the old traditional policy, where the companies are reluctant to give policy to individuals who engage in life threatening lifestyles such as mountain climbing. They fear that the risk has a very high probability of happening, hence do not want to take up the loss. This policy, however does not prohibit such people from taking the cover.