Be Your Own Barista!

Be Your Own Barista

It’s not always ideal to drive through and pick up a coffee at your favorite coffee shop. No need to worry, you can find out how to make your own fabulous cup of coffee from your own home. You can be your own Barista! It’s important to know the quality of the bean, the type of roast you desire, how to grind your coffee properly if purchasing a whole bean, the brewing strength and other important details to make your creation just right.

History of Coffee

To begin your journey, you will want to select a high quality bean that was harvested from a farmer who has pride in the product they deliver. Some of the countries known for impressive coffee beans are Brazil, Columbia, Kenya and Guatemala. The type of bean you are looking for is based on the type of coffee you desire. Arabica & Robusta are the two main types of coffee beans found. Arabica is known for its smooth and acidic flavor and Robusta is stronger and slightly more bitter in flavor.

The Roast

Understanding the roasting process can make a big difference in the boldness of your drink. A darker roast doesn’t mean that the coffee will contain more caffeine, instead, it means the bean was roasted for a longer period of, thus cooking out some of the caffeine and giving the coffee a stronger flavor. A light roast is considered to be less caffeine, however, it actually contains more caffeine because they are not roasted as long. The caffeine level decreases the longer the beans are roasted.


The Grind

In order to keep your coffee beans fresh, never pre-grind them. Keep them in an air tight container to keep in the flavor. Depending upon what kind of coffee you like, it will determine how you grind your beans. If you are using a French Press, you will want to have your beans ground coarsely. Your typical coffee pot will use a medium ground. Espresso machines use the very finely ground beans.