Are Your Needs Being Met?

This morning at my Christian Business Network we were discussing what I do and what public perception is to people regarding insurance and financial services.

I mentioned that most people avoid insurance agents and discussions because they perceive everything as high pressure or just another expense. My point was that people need to look at insurance like they do their daily diet.

Everyone watches their Breads, Fats & Sweets, Fruits, Meat & Poultry, Dairy and Vegetables. We all realize that there has to be some balance for a healthy diet and good lifestyle. Too much of one item and not enough of another creates an imbalance in our lives.

Now look at insurance the same way. Everyone at some time will need Health Insurance, Home & Auto, Life Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care, etc. It is up to you to decide what levels you need to create the healthy lifestyle and to balance current needs with future needs. Pick to little and risk financial ruin. Pick too much or the wrong type of coverage and you may feel like your money was wasted.

Just as our dietary needs change as we mature our insurance needs change as well. That is where having a discussion with an insurance agent is to your advantage. As agents we are aware that our client’s needs change on a regular basis. The problem is getting people to realize or admit their needs have changed. We all see ourselves as the invincible 20 year old until it is too late.

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