Appealing Medical Bills

Did you ever receive a medical bill and wonder what it means? Is this Greek? Do you receive bills even though you have medical insurance? If you want to know how to fight back, read on!

Welcome to a better understanding of the first step in the processing of your medical bill. The charges are entered into the computer. This information is then submitted to your insurance company by mail or electronically.

This claim form has been sent by your provider, Example: Hospital, doctor’s office, x-ray or laboratory.

The insurance companies love to send the doctor’s office or facility complicated Explanation of Benefits. You, as their client, receive the same copy.


(1) Everything

(2) Your claim form may never get to the correct insurance company.

There are many addresses attached to each insurance company.

The chances of yours submitted to the correct address is rare.

(3) Your personal information may have been entered into the computer incorrectly.

That is why when you call the insurance company and you hear say, “we never received the claim form from your medical facility”, it is probably true.


If you have not received an Explanation of Benefits from your Insurance Company within 2 months of your date of service – CALL THEM!


(1) Your name and the patient’s name.

(2) Your Identification Number

(3) The date of service (DOS)

(4) The name of the facility or doctor where you were seen.

With this information your insurance company can give you the history of your bill.

With this information in hand you can then call your doctor’s office and have them intercede in your behalf.

Your claim can always be appealed by the doctor’s office and by yourself.

Your claim can always be re-billed if necessary.


(1) co pays

(2) non covered services

(3) deductibles

All these are listed on your Explanation of Benefits. This is the way your insurance company pays your claim without any money changing hands.

Keep all your Explanation of Benefits. Do not be afraid to call your insurance company.

If you feel you do not get an adequate explanation ask to speak with the supervisor.

The insurance companies rely on untrained people in medical facilities to prepare and submit your claim form. The insurance companies hope the Explanation of benefits will be accepted at face value and never challenged.

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