All I Want is an Insurance Quote!

In this day and age we live at a fast moving pace. We have news and information at our finger tips. Either we can use the internet or we are receiving updates via our mobile phones. With the power of all of these tools we are able to save us money for all the things we purchase. From choosing a new TV to buying life insurance, or even critical illness insurance.

Now I have spent many an hour reviewing my finances to reduce my spending. One area that I have spoken to quite a lot of people about is the area of life and critical illness insurance. Some of my friends have told me ‘I just want a quote for my insurance online and I don’t want to speak to a broker’ I always have to ask them ‘Why would you want to do the work yourself?’

I must admit I like to use a broker for things like life and critical illness insurance. I sometimes call two of them in order to get the best deal for myself. My friends tell me things like ‘I don’t like to be sold to’ or ‘I don’t trust salesman’. I tell you two things. I don’t like to be sold to and I don’t trust anybody! But I’d rather someone else do all the work for me and I don’t even have to pay. I agree they are trying to sell me something but if that is something I need at the best price then I’m happy.

But as long as the price is correct and the insurance company they have suggested then why not. It saves me from trawling through the web trying to fill out forms for a quote. Only to find out I am filling in a request to speak to a broker, then I have to start the whole process again.

One major benefit about using a broker is filling in the form correctly. If you are not used to filling in forms, applying for life and critical illness can be quite daunting. With horror stories of insurance companies not paying out, making sure the form is filled in correctly is vital. Insurance companies invest lots of money to ensure we don’t miss out anything in regard to our health history when we apply for life and critical illness insurance. However having a broker who fills out forms day after day will help you not to overlook any important questions.