Agent/Homeowner Teamwork: 5 Considerations

When most homeowners, who decide it’s time, to sell their home, begin the process, they interview real estate agents, hoping to hire the best one, to effectively serve their needs, and help them, get the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of hassle/ stress. They must be able to separate, mere empty rhetoric and promises, from someone with genuine quality of character, who will, truly, commit, to providing excellence, and professionalism. It is important, from the onset, for client and agent, to have a thorough discussion, and agree, to how, the best way, to proceed, with the best commitment, to true teamwork, where both the homeowner and agent, discuss and decide, how they will work together, to achieve the best possible results. Let’s review 5 key considerations.

1. Same page, from the onset: Until/ unless, both the homeowner, and their agent, thoroughly discuss, how they will proceed, and both, commit to their responsibilities, etc, the results will not live, up – to, expectations! They must be on the same page, from the start, so they work, as a team, rather than hurting their potential efforts!

2. Curb appeal/ attention to details: A homeowner must divorce his emotional attachment to his beloved home, from being ready, willing, and able, to effectively market, his house! Discuss the strengths and weaknesses, in a realistic, objective way, and consider, how to enhance the home’s curb appeal, etc. When there is proper attention to details, from the onset, potential buyers will view, the house, in the best possible light!

3. Easy to show: The more qualified, potential buyers, view a house, the better the chance/ opportunity, to sell it! Homeowners, often, become their own, worst enemies, when they make showing their house, challenging, difficult, and/ or restrictive! From the beginning, a viable way, to maximize qualified showings, should be discussed, with the client, realizing, he must, consistently, keep the house, neat and clean, so, it shows, in it’s finest light!

4. Understanding pricing: It’s important for a real estate agent, to clearly explain, and distinguish, the difference, between the listing price, and what it sells for (selling price)! A clear, full discussion, on the competition, using a professionally designed, Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), is an essential, first step, in effectively marketing a home, for sale. The better, and more thorough/ complete, both parties proceed, with a mutual understanding, the better the eventual results!

5. Listen/ take advice: Many homeowners make the mistake of believing they know, as much as their real estate professional! There must be a clear understanding, it’s essential and important, for the potential seller, listening to the advice given, and cooperating fully, for their best advantage!

The objective of using an agent, is to enhance the potential of the home – selling process. When teamwork is emphasized, and utilized, invariably, the best results follow!