Affordable Video Editing Software – A Review of 3 Picks (2 For Free Download!)

Doing video editing as part of my job as a social media marketer, many of my co-workers and friends come to me with questions about video making. And I’m glad they do! I’m very passionate about what I do, and always love discussing it with anyone interested. Recently, a friend, looking to start making some videos for his personal blog, asked me in an email “What is the best (affordable) video editing software? I want to basically cut and paste clips and create my own videos.”

I figured he wasn’t the only one out there wondering about cheap video editors, so here’s the gist of what I sent back to him (I’ve used all three):

#1 Windows Movie Maker
If you’re running a Windows machine, then you’ve already got Movie Maker installed (Start>All Programs). I started out learning video editing using WMM 2.1 for XP. A good first step for a beginner or just-for-fun user, but lacks advanced features like layering via multiple tracks.—-2022.aspx#post169970