Accident Compensation As Per the Severity of Accident

Compensate the damages that are of different nature. It is seen that they emphasize the personal aspect. In this category falls the physical and psychological suffering of people who are involved in the accident. The amount of compensation is fixed according to scale Establishing the Liability Act and Insurance in the Circulation of Motor Vehicles, which is reviewed every year. This index distinguishes, in turn, if the accident causes the death of the victim. The compensation is different in each case and the way to calculate is too.

• In the case of irreversible injury, the scale establishes a rating from 1 to 100 items that assess severity of injury.
• For temporary disability, the compensatory sum is calculated by multiplying the number of days of disability compensation due according to age.
• The compensation may also vary depending on personal circumstances of the deceased and the degree of relationship with family members who are entitled to receive it.

In any case, the numbers may grow or diminish as the scale establishes reduces or increases coefficients. These percentages vary the amounts of money based on the personal situation of each individual. The first one takes into account the income of the victim. The compensation depends on ability to generate income. Other correction factors analyze whether the victim is a separated spouse entitled to pension, the death of parents in the accident or if both receiver and victim have a disability are also things to be considered. In case of concurrence of the victim in the incident, who has children of separated spouses or if the victim was an only child or a pregnant woman, coefficients are high.

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