A Comparison of Economy Class and First Class

You’d often hear people comparing the first and economy class of an airline, examining the minute details of the features and services. Apart from some exceptions, mostly both the classes are poles apart. With the great difference in fares, the services naturally differ as well.

For some, flying first class is more of a need than a want. Especially when it comes to long-haul flights, comfort is a supreme priority and is offered nowhere better than on a first class flight. Despite the high fares, first class passengers prefer to fly through this class because of the justice it does through its incredible services offered exclusively to the first class passengers.

On the other end, there are still people who can only dream of flying first class, and would consider it a mere want and waste of precious resources. Although they might not be super satisfied by the services of the economy class, they believe it to be mighty fine in comparison to the fare they pay for flying.

Naturally, it’s merely a matter of preferences and of course the budget.

Let’s compare both the airplane classes to get a better insight!

1. Economy Class
Before boarding the plane, travelers can judge a lot about the airline’s services at the airport. Unfortunately, first class passengers rarely enjoy any benefits and privileges there. Although the lounges can rarely have comfortable seating, they’re mostly overcrowded. Getting a seat for yourself is not guaranteed. Depending on the size of the plane, the seating arrangement varies in the economy class. However, nearly all of these are characterized by less leg space and merely any room to breathe.

It is worth mentioning Japan Airlines, Garuda Indonesia and Qatar Airways for devising the best economy class seats. When it comes to food, there is limited option for the passengers. Most of these are served in disposable containers. Although economy class passengers are also offered a good variety of entertainment, it would be unfair to compare it to the first class. Economy class passengers are better off in two ways; getting upgraded to the first class through air miles and opting for the premium economy class of an airline.

2. First Class
As mentioned above, they are certainly two poles apart. Right from the lounge, first class passengers are treated like royalties. From comfortable seating, shower and spa facilities and finest cuisine, transits are much more pleasing when it comes to first class. The flight is far more amazing. Facilities like enhanced leg space, more room to breathe and move, finest amenities and fantastic food make it worth the trip. The best way first class has evolved is by offering flatbeds and personal suites on first class flights.



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