A Cause for Envy: Private Dental Insurance

Ryan Guiles was feeling envious one day when he heard on the news that the federal government already approved seven dental insurance providers to take part in the federal government’s employee benefit program.

Although the employees pay the premiums out from their own pockets, Ryan thought it was such a great idea that federal employees can get access to this insurance. We certainly understand Ryan’s envy other’s private dental insurance. Working long hours as a copy writer did not give him the benefit of insurance, though he can claim to be passionate about his work. Even then, with a salary of less than $25,000 per year, Ryan knows he has to save as much as he can – even for dental health care.

Ryan’s situation is not unique. It is a fact that even in the U.S., supposedly the richest country in the world, about half of the population can barely keep their heads above water.

If Ryan opts for any of these plans, he’s sure to have the best dental health care around. These plans, in total, will give him access to almost all of the country’s 125,000 dentists.

Among poor children, almost 50% of tooth decay remains untreated.

Dental caries (cavities) and periodontal diseases are the most common oral diseases and 85 percent of adults (18 and older) in the US are affected.

Dental cavities are preventable for the most part, yet remain the most common chronic disease of children – five times more common than asthma.

More than 108 million Americans do not have dental insurance. More than 70 percent of respondents say it is important for employers to provide dental benefits. Dental coverage is the second most popular benefit in compensation packages, next only to medical insurance.

65 percent of large employers offer dental benefits. Tooth decay is caused by the germs (plaque) which live on your teeth. Plaque turns sugar found in food into acid. This acid then attaches to the tooth surface. The more often that you eat sugary foods, the more acid is produced and the more damage to your teeth.



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