6 Things Homeowners Deserve From Their Real Estate Agents

When someone decides, it’s time to sell their often – beloved home, it automatically becomes a somewhat, stressful, period of time. Sometimes, there are financial issues, while at others, it is family – related, or job – related, but, regardless, wouldn’t it be nice, if someone could make this period, less stressful, and more effective and efficient, than it might ordinarily, otherwise be? With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, and discuss, 6 things, homeowners should expect, because they deserve it, from the real estate agent, they hired to represent them.

1. Allegiance: Legally, morally, and ethically, your listing agent owes you complete and thorough allegiance. He must do all he possibly can, to ensure he serves you, and your needs, loyally, totally, and with utmost integrity. He must be ready, willing and able, to hold your hand, and guide you, around the obstacles, and stresses. He has many responsibilities, and you (his client) must be his top priority!

2. Fiscal responsibility: One must never, in any way, compromise, your well – being, by disclosing any information, which, may, in any manner, weaken your negotiating position, etc. A real estate professional must be, consistently, fiscally responsible, and maintain any confidential information, without disclosure!

3. Protect their asset: It’s important to use any and all precautions, to ensure he protects his client’s house, every day. This includes discussing safety/ potential liability issues, thoroughly, screening anyone who will view the home, identifying true, qualified buyers, etc. For example, at Open Houses, or any other showings, there must be sufficient coverage, to maintain attention, and avoid any potential theft. An agent should speak to his client, and emphasize, putting away small and/ or valuable items, in order to minimize potential risks. Agents must clean up, and be certain, they leave the home, as clean and neat, after showings, as before!

4. Customized plan: Every home, and each client, have unique qualities, characteristics and needs. Therefore, you should present a customized plan, which fully anticipates, including marketing, showings, and the homeowner’s responsibility, as a member of the team. In addition, agent and client, should have regularly scheduled, telephone discussions, with updates, strategies, concerns, etc, discussed, to the client’s approval!

5. Negotiating process: Real estate agents should be effective, prepared, qualified, quality negotiators! Explain all aspects of the negotiating process, and be certain, all are, on, the same – page!

6. Guidance: Homeowners need expert guidance, from the onset, to the closing! Items such as curb appeal, strengths and weaknesses, financing options, etc, marketing plan/ objectives, should be totally discussed, explained, and every attempt at making one’s client, as comfortable and prepared, as possible!

At the very least, these 6 things, every homeowner deserves, and should expect, from the agent, he hires. Doesn’t that make sense?