5 Ways to Impress Your Boss Through the Use of a Company Car

In your personal life, the car that you drive can say a lot about the person that you are. It is the same in business. If your company vehicle is sloppy and falling apart, then people may think that you are untidy and irresponsible. You do not want to send this impression to your boss. There are a few things that you can do relating to your company vehicle that will send a favorable impression to your superiors.

Keep mileage as low as you possibly can. While this isn’t always possible with certain jobs, if you can keep the mileage low, you will likely be able to keep the car in better shape for a longer amount of time. Try not to use the company car for personal usage or for other things that could be done without the vehicle. Show your superiors that you understand that the vehicle is not your own and you respect this fact.

Always stick to a maintenance schedule. Make sure the oil is changed regularly, and get into the habit of cleaning the car during the week to keep the inside nice and neat. Try your best not to keep the fuel too low in the car and remember to have the car checked over regularly by a trained mechanic. You should never work on the car if you are not authorized to do so.

Keeping up with the vehicle will show your boss that you respect the company and its property. This sends a message that you care about the success of the company and how the company is portrayed. It will also send a message about your responsible character and that you can be trusted to handle company property in a respectable manner.

Report any problems with the vehicle as soon as possible. Never ignore any unusual sounds or vibrations. If you ignore a seemingly small noise, that noise could grow and actually destroy the engine. You do not want to be responsible for any noticeable body damage, either. Report all unusual findings to the proper authority by way of official paperwork or other appropriate means.

This will serve to protect you, too. You do not want to be blamed for unreported damage to the vehicle. This could end up in a nasty battle in which you could be responsible for the repairs to the vehicle because you did not report the matter to the proper person in charge of such matters. Save a copy of any dated paperwork that you must submit to your superiors to show that you brought the matter to light.

Keep the vehicle as clean as you possibly can. It can be easy to get busy and throw anything that you have into the backseat or anywhere it is convenient for you. In certain weather it may seem senseless to wash the outside of the car, but grime does build up and may even stain a vehicle. How well the car appears to the public sends an important message about your company to the public and your boss.