5 Step-Approach To Inspiring Real Estate Buyers

Every real estate professional realizes there is a significant difference, between, someone who is merely, looking, as opposed to, true, qualified, potential, home buyers! It’s important to ask potential buyers, questions, such as what they’re looking for, their motivations, needs, and desired timing. One must avoid the tendency to speak more than listen, and only when one does, can a real estate agent, inspire, motivate, and become a truly, transformative, force! Once this is done, true professionals, develop the skills, and abilities, to address prospective buyers concerns, and fully, effectively answer, all their questions, etc. This article will, therefore, attempt to briefly examine and review, a 5 – step approach, to answering, responding, and, thus, transforming a potential buyer, to an actual one.

1. Listen thoroughly: Never assume you know what is being asked, and avoid the tendency, to interrupt others, and make your point! When doing so, often, we bring up negatives, which were not, previously, concerns for the potential buyer. Most of us have heard of the Pandora’s Box, and we should avoid making life, more difficult and/ or challenging, than necessary! Focus, listen, and be certain you fully know, and understand, the concern. Making a simple statement, such as, In other words, you’re concerned about, and waiting, for acknowledgment and agreement, before responding, is the best, most effective approach.

2. Empathize: Do you understand the difference between sympathy, and empathy? While sympathy, is feeling sorry for someone, empathy, means putting yourself, in their place, and seeing it, through – their – eyes! A simple and effective phrase, is, I can perfectly understand why you feel this way, In fact, so did I, and many others, I’ve served and represented, until they understood a few things.

3. Answer, to their satisfaction: When you respond, or address their concerns, and/ or answer their questions, remember, you must do so, to their satisfaction, and not yours! Recognize, you are the professional, and your customer and/ or client, will not possess your level of expertise, so, when you respond, look at their body language, and have them acknowledge, their understanding, and satisfaction, with your response. Don’t rush, but fully answer and openly discuss!

4. Recreate the need/ desire: Once you’ve answered and addressed the concerns/ questions, a professional must regain control over the direction of the conversation, and discussion! You must recreate their need, and desire to purchase, a home, of their own. Simply proceeding with a transitional phrase, such as, In light of your needs, and our discussion.

5. Close the deal: What good does all your effort accomplish, and achieve, until/ unless, you get the potential buyer, to agree, and make an offer? How might you motivate and inspire them, to this crucial stage, and action? A recommended, basic phrase, which is often effective, is, Doesn’t it make sense to make an offer, so you might get this home, which meets your needs, and expectations? Doesn’t it? Smart agents realize, after, they’ve said this, they must obey the principle, I refer to, as, ZTL, or zip – the – lip, and wait for their customer/ climate to speak and respond, first!

Real estate agents make their living, by creating a meeting, of the minds, between sellers and buyers. Using this basic, 5 – step approach, puts the professional, on an effective, focused track, to success!