5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results From Your Advertising Agency

You’ve found your advertising agency ages ago. They’ve promised results based on their previous clients and you were sold. Now it’s six months later and you’re feeling that same worry of investing time and energy thinking about how to get new clients as you did when you first hired them. Is this normal? Here are five indications it’s not normal and that you’re not getting results from your advertising agency.

1. You are not getting the attention you need in the right places.

An advertising agency is comprised of professionals with a range of specified skills. For example, some of the agency’s employees are copywriting masters while others know the ins and outs of how to work social media all the way to new customers who spend.

Make sure that you’re getting specialists who are working with every aspect of your marketing campaign that needs attention. If not, it may be time to move on.

2. You don’t understand your customer as much as you wish you did.

Customer profiling is one of those ways that advertising agencies may use at the foundation for any advertising and marketing efforts because it helps to focus and get clear as crystal about your target audience. If you’re still left scratching your head on who your customer is such as demographics, behaviors and attitudes, this may be a clear indication that your money is not being adequately spent on your current advertising agency.

3. You are still looking for that objective eye on your company.

Ever notice how difficult it is to see your company from an objective standpoint? Being invested in day-to-day operations sometimes leaves it difficult to see things the way your customers may be seeing your company.

Fortunately, this is where an advertising agency comes in with a fresh set of eyes. Unfortunately, if you’ve been with an advertising agency and you still feel like someone doesn’t have your back in this arena, this could mean you’re not getting what agencies are designed to provide.

4. You’re spending time worrying about how to reach your customers.

One of the most valuable attributes of having professional advertising help is the ability to watch how much less time you spend thinking about reaching your customers. Agencies help to define your customers which in turn helps to reach them, so you should be taken care of and at the very least feel a little more secure with spending less time thinking about your marketing options. Advertising agencies determine which efforts are the most appropriate and may be the most fruitful for your company. If you’ve been working with an advertising agency and you’re still left worrying, this could mean trouble.

5. You’re not seeing any results.

Alright… now this one is the sign that may be at the top of your list, but it may be difficult to determine why you’re not seeing any results. Bare in mind that marketing and advertising are more of the tortoises than the hares in the race to success, so it takes a touch of patience to truly determine that the results just aren’t coming.

Alternatively, if you’re watching the dollars sink and the tortoise isn’t even progressing towards results, trust your gut that you can find an advertising agency that will take you to the finish line.