5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy Health Care Advertising

In the competitive world of health care, advertisement could be the deciding factor in standing your company apart, but it takes more than just getting your name into the game. Considering what may be worth implementing as a health care advertising strategy relies heavily on what kind of experience you can offer your potential patients.

How do you determine this for your company? There are certain fundamental aspects of your company and your brand that will serve you to know before you even start campaigning. Here are 5 questions to ask before you buy health care advertising.

1. What is our company’s mission?

Successful health care advertising relies on the foundational integrity of your company’s vision. Getting clear about who you are as a company and what you have to offer will help fuel the direction of your advertising. Your potential patients respond to the tone of your message in your advertising, and one of the places this is specifically derived from is your mission statement.

2. Are we clear on our brand?

Health care advertising without strong brand identity is the marketing equivalent of driving on a windy cliff with no headlights – no clear direction, and bound to go down.

Before you pay a dime for any advertising or put your efforts in any marketing strategy, know who you are as a brand. This means doing your homework with market research, finding your competitors and understanding your vision, value and personality as a company. Without these essentials, your advertisement is driving in the dark.

3. How do our patients and prospects already view our company?

Before you start advertising, do some research on where you already stand with your audience to improve or focus a message that may already be in place. This is always important inventory to keep track of, but especially before starting a new campaign so you’re in the know before representing your brand through advertising.

4. Are we ready to start health care advertising?

Answering the above questions will help give you an idea of when to start advertising based on a solid brand personality and knowing your audience.

Another key aspect before investing in advertisement is to check in with your company to make sure you’re prepared to follow-through on your message. Delivering a consistent patient experience is key to your brand integrity, especially when advertising. Just a few bad experiences will affect your credibility as a brand and may speak louder than your advertising message.

5. What qualities do you want your brand to be associated with?

Experts say patients respond to a brand they trust and like, so what strengths in your company make you seem trustworthy to your potential patients? Identify what qualities your market responds to and then find out how you can provide that in a straightforward and approachable message in your advertising.

Make a strong case for how your relationship between patient, team and company will stand out from the competition. This may make or break your health care advertising, so make sure to get clear about your brand definition before buying anything.