5 Facts About Mustela Products

One of the most popular products for newborns and baby’s skin is the French brand, Mustela. What makes this company different from the rest of them is, first, they are a French company that creates fantastic French skincare products. Second, they partner up with professionals that are experts in the fields of childcare, dermatology, and maternity. With this combination of French philosophy regarding natural beauty care, and the help of professionals they are able to create products that help to bring out the natural healing elements that each of us possesses within our own bodies. Mustela is great, here are some facts about them that you might find interesting:

1 Mustela is Vegan

Being vegan is more than a way of eating, it is a way of life. What it means to offer a vegan line of products is that there are no animals used in the production of any product. Every ingredient in the products is plant-based. The end results are not tested on animals, in fact, no animals are involved in the making of any of the Mustela products.

2 Mustela is Innovative

Mustela has created a type of testing procedure that involves a testing platform that mimics the skin of a newborn baby. What this means is that they can test the quality of each of their products in a laboratory without having to use animals. This technology is known as Stelaskin. It allows researchers and testers to explore the way that a product will interact with the skin on a cellular level.

3 Mustela is Passionate

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Mustela is passionate about delivering the best products to its customers. They know that the formulas that they create will be applied to infants and mothers. They take pride in the fact that they are confident that each product that they allow to get into the hands of mommies will touch the skin of the babies without causing any harm, but will be very effective.

4 Mustela is Safe

Mustela tests every product that they have to offer before it ever gets into the hands of the customer. They use safe, natural, plant-based ingredients that are proven to be effective, and gentle. They make sure that when anybody puts their products on their skin, they will only experience the healing and pampering benefits that the product has to offer without causing irritation or other problems.

5 Mustela is Versatile

Since Mustela is manufactured in a way that is safe for newborn babies and mommies, the formulas that come out of the developer’s hands are safe and useable for anybody with any skin type. Whether it is for a baby that has just been born or a 95-year-old grandma that wants to soothe her eczema the versatility of each product is incredible.

Since Mustela is manufactured in France they are in agreement with the ways of the French beauty concept of the romantic country of France. Allow the inner beauty to come from within and shine like it is supposed to, but don’t cover it up and make it something it is not.