4 Top Airlines to Consider For Delhi to Melbourne Flights

In recent times, the trade and cultural relations between India and Australia have increased considerably. From signing a nuclear deal to student exchange programs, the bond between these two countries has grown stronger in past few years. This has given ample opportunities to people of both nationalities in regards to business, education and travel. Among these three, travel has benefitted the most, owing to increased air traffic between the countries.

Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore are well connected by frequent flights to Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. One of the busiest routes is from the Indian capital to the coastal city of Melbourne, with some major airlines operating daily Delhi to Melbourne flights. The below-mentioned carriers can be considered when you are checking flights between these two metropolises.

Air India

The flag carrier of India, Air India offers some of the most convenient connections between Delhi and Melbourne. The airline is known for its impeccable service and expansive domestic route. You can easily catch a connecting flight from any city in India with this carrier to reach Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is its main hub. The carrier has recently revamped its website in order to boost customer experience. You can check the flight status, enquire about baggage details, and select your preferred seat at the time of online check-in. Recently, the carrier confirmed the inclusion of around 15 narrow-bodied A320s in the fleet that will enable it to expand its routes.

Singapore Airlines

With its hub at Changi International Airport, Singapore Airlines is one of the main carriers, operating in the regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. Apart from these routes, it also operates regular Delhi to Melbourne flights. The newly introduced Premium Economy Class provides many additional choices in terms of in-flight entertainment, along with increased levels of comfort. As it is known for its warm and hospitable service, the airline is among the most chosen ones on this route.

Thai Airways

This airline is all about exceptional service and time-saving connections. Being a founding member of Star Alliance, Thai Airways has a wide network. Its recent decision to enhance its international services has seen many renovations in terms of aircraft models, in-flight facilities and on-ground operations. This has majorly affected the Delhi-Melbourne sector as now you can enjoy the improved privileges and services provided in Royal First Class, Royal Silk Class and Economy Class. These classes offer delicious cuisine and audio-video entertainment, high in the air.

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is one of the major carriers in the Asian region owing to its route connectivity, and dedicated on-board and on-ground services. It operates majorly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to more than 50 destinations in the world, daily. The Delhi-Melbourne route of the airline is one of the busiest as the timings coincide with those of many connecting domestic flights. Along with this, it operates many codeshare flights with Jet Airways on this route. You can easily look for these flight tickets on different online travel agencies, which also provide some of the best deals available.




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