10 Best Tips to Get Most out of Your Espresso Machines

As a coffee aficionado, who doesn’t like a fresh cup of espresso as a first thing in the morning? When it comes to espresso machines, there is a wide variety of functionalities. In order to understand the proper usage, one must be aware of the basic usage as well as different tips that are explained in this article. Even if you are a beginner, by following these amazing tips and hacks, you will be able to handle any espresso machine like a pro.

Tip 1: Never Use Hard Water

Most of the times you will come across a number of coffee makers, where you will find a compatibility with untreated or hard water. As a pro tip, never use hard water to brew your drinks using espresso machines. Always go for tap or mineral water.

Tip 2: Perform Descaling Regularly

An espresso maker or any other coffee machine will be covered in lime scale, germs and microbes deposits if not cleaned properly. That is why it is recommended to perform deep scaling or cleansing of your espresso machines regularly, at least once every two months.

Tip 3: Always Purge Water before Shots

Why you should always purge and clean a grouphead before pulling an espresso shot. The reason is presence of any prior material, even the slightest one can alter or destroy your espresso.

Tip 4: Never Compromise on Temperature

We know that each type of coffee drink requires an optimum brewing temperature. Especially in espresso, if there is a change of even a few degrees, you will feel a soreness or bitterness in your coffee drinks. Therefore, once you find an ultimate optimum brewing temperature, never perform any alterations in this.

Tip 5: Proper Grinding is Everything

Most of the espresso machines work on the coffee grounds. However, if you are in to grinding fresh coffee beans using a coffee grinder and then using these grounds for espresso making, never settle for some cheap grinding options. Said this, the grounds need to be neither too coarse and nor to fine.

Tip 6: Always Brew Before Boiling Point

You will find a number of coffee makers that brew at 200 degrees and above. If you own one such coffee maker, it is one of the most premium choice. But as some of these coffee makers can go beyond 200 degrees, therefore, it is highly recommended as not to go beyond the boiling point of water. Because, after the boiling point, the taste, aroma and flavor of coffee are not the optimal ones.

Tip 7: Ensure Proper Tamping 

Coffee tamping is a less known, but one of the top secrets of professional baristas. Whether you are brewing an espresso or going for some other amazing coffee drink, if you have got time and relevant coffee tamper, just go ahead, try tamping and you will enjoy the real awesomeness and delicacy of each sip. As a pro tip, whenever tamping, ensure evenness and consistency throughout the tamping process.

Tip 8: Control Over Extraction Time 

A coffee brewer that takes control over extraction time is a real hero. Truly speaking, there is no perfect extraction time for brewing espresso. That is why, whatever espresso machine you own, try with different grinds using several different extraction times and you will get to know what extraction time provides you with the best results.

Tip 9: Always Clean your Portafilter

The moisture and any leftover grounds may ruin or at least alter the taste of your freshly brewed espresso. Hence, by using some soft cloth clean the portafilter thoroughly and make sure that it is tidy and clean before you start brewing another batch.

Tip 10: Never Get Tired or Afraid of Exploring

Finally, in the world of coffee makers, never be afraid of exploring. Every coffee maker has different functions and as mentioned above, using different grind, temperature and dose settings, you will be able to brew a number of different and delicious coffee recipes.

Espresso Machines Tips – Wrap up

Espresso machine is one of the most frequent kitchen item found in every household. Every espresso machine user must be well aware of these best espresso maker tips to become an espresso machine expert.



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